Rollin' Burritos since 1988!


Guadalahonky's is Drapers original Mexican restaurant! We have been open since December of 1988, and yes at that time our only neighbors were cows! People who know great Mexican food will tell you Guadalahonky's is the place to go- to go.  Our salsa is famous, one bite and you'll see why. Guadalahonky's offers a wide variety of Amexicana & Tex Mex classical favorites from Chimichangas to Enchiladas, Tostadas to Asadas, Fajitas to Stir Fry, we also offer a Veggie menu and an American menu for those of you who have a timid tongue. But don't worry only our Fuego (fire) menu is really spicy. Our menu is huge- huge, yeah you could say that about our portions too!

 We at Guadalahonky's invite you out for the best Mexican food this side of the border! We promise your service will be friendly & prompt and our food will light a fire of taste bud explosion in your mouth.

PS - Did I mention our salsa and guacamole are awesome?